Thank you to the anonymous plow driver who helped the elderly gentleman!


thank youPaul Stanke tagged me on my personal pages today with this message “My faith in humanity was restored today! I went to the gas station and on my way, I saw a 90 yr old man trying to shovel the end of his driveway and I thought to myself I need to help him,( but I wasn’t dressed for it) at the gas station i saw a snow plow truck and I asked the guy if I could pay him to go over to his house, He said no I couldn’t pay him and he would be happy to do it. I drove by 10 min later and that guy (I have no idea who he was) pulled up and plowed him out! I don’t know who you are but THANK YOU!!! The look of relief on that old guys face was priceless!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!! Im tagging Beth, maybe she will post this and that guy will see how much that was appreciated!!”

Consider it done Paul, what a great thing this snow plow driver did so we shared!