THANK YOU! Woman pays it forward in Racine standing in check out line


christmas thank you I received this message from C.T. (they wish to remain anonymous) this is the GREAT in Racine showing again with kindness and caring!

“The other day while shopping at Shopko nothing was ringing up right. I felt terrible for the lady behind me because it was taking forever. She said no problem she would do the same thing. The toys were supposed to be buy one get one half off. The cashier fixed it. The toys were Xmas gifts for my nephew daughter son and a few stuff for St Nick. Then the lady said, excuse me came in front of me and said, I’m going to pay for these items for you. It’s my “pay it forward”. She then paid for it and said Merry Christmas to you and your children. It was about $45! Makes me realize that good things do happen and to stay positive. A huge thank you to the lady who did that. It was December 5th”