The Great in Racine! When a little boys wheelchair is damaged, community steps foward

thank you We wanted to take a moment to thank so many people who saw the post yesterday about the family that had moved to Racine and someone tried to steal her sons electric wheelchair and damaged it.

Within 5 minutes of posting and sharing on facebook. The community rushed to lend a helping hand. We had numerous people wanting to help with costs of repairing the chair, had people offering to build ramps, to help the family get the wheel chair in the house when there wasn’t enough help available. Families came forward wanting to connect with Mary and her family to offer friendship, support and even invited her son to play baseball this summer in a special needs league.

This truly shows what Racine and our residents are made of. We have each other’s back in the time of need. We cannot thank everyone enough! We did connect everyone that messaged us with mom and they can take it from there!


Original article New residents of Racine ask for help from community, thieves try to steal childs wheelchair