The positive human spirit of Racine shined during yesterday’s storm!


hands Matthew Snorek posted this today on my personal timeline and we spoke and thought this would be great to share and truly shows the human spirit in our community.

“I want to say I saw a side of positive human spirit in Racine last night that really impressed me. I drove from Burlington to Racine last night at 630 pm to go to Verizon and to get a pizza. As I was returning home to Burlington I witnessed a pile of people with stuck vehicles in Regency Mall. I’m talking 20+ cars!

Strangers were helping strangers no questions asked. So many people helping people from all walks of life. The mall did an awful job of plowing and only did the main exterior road initially and all shoppers and staff trying to leave had massive berms of snow blocking every exit on the main lots. I had my 20′ tow strap and my beast of a 4×4 Silverado and I stopped to help one person. One turned into two, two turned into 4, and 90 minutes later I was up to 10 cars, trucks, and suvs I pulled out of snow ditches and snow berms. It was great seeing everyone come together and help random people in such a positive display of general kindness and human spirit! Many other volunteers were using human ability and pick ups to help the masses of stranded citizens. I want to give a huge thumbs up to all the people that took a few moments out of their night to help everyone out! I even noticed some that were helped parked in a safe spot and came back to help others. It was refreshing to see in a city where sometimes the goodness of forgotten from time to time.

I hope everyone made it home ok. I even encountered a man in the ditch at H and 11 and the RCSD was kind enough to safely block highway 11 traffic so I could pull that nice man out of a ditch so he could go to work. Had the SD called a professional tow truck that man would have had a bill of over 100$….!”