Tyga taken after burglary… HOME SAFE & REUNITED

TYGA On August 10 Tyga was taken in a burglary on Racine’s northside. We were just informed by the owner that Tyga is HOME SAFE AND REUNITED.

According to the owners, she received a call from a woman who stated she has purchased a dog from a person and believed it was Tyga based on facebook posts. The good samaritan bought Tyga to the police department and it was confirmed to be the pup. Tyga has gone home to lots of hugs and love!

Original post
10 week old puppy missing after northside burglary

We were contacted by the woman who had purchased Tyga. Here is part of her message to us “I would like to share this miracle that has happened. Giving the puppy back to the baby was such an amazing feeling I have ever had. I bought the puppy trying to find happiness/a friend,and what I got out of it was an amazing moment with both mother baby & her friend. It brought much stress yet an amazing moment. I am happy to have experienced. At first with all that had happened I was so confused to understand why I had bad luck why out of people why did I have to get mixed up.I must admit I was scared off my mind. Never have I been put in a situation like this. But to relive that moment of seeing the baby’s face I wouldn’t change any of it because her smile and tears we share was more then a blessing and also priceless. God works miracles and I am more then happy to have been able to bring him home.”