Union Grove man charged with 8th OWI

drunk driving 1Jose R. Galvan, 57 of Union Grove has been charged with his 8th OWI. He was charged today with OWI (7th, 8th or 9th) in Racine Circuit Court and was being held on $20,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 29, 2015. According to inmate records he is also on a hold from Department of Corrections.

According to the criminal complaint on July 21st at aprox 8:18 p.m. a Racine County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched for a report of a suspicious vehicle at Burmeister Rd/N. Britton Rd. in the Town of Norway. Upon arrival the defendant pulled way and pulled onto Burmeister Road. The defendant traveled aprox 500 feet until he pulled over, according to reports the vehicle was still halfway in the road on the stop.

When the deputy stepped out with the defendant to ask him why he had been in the area numerous times a day and that a party had called in a suspicious vehicle, the defendant was still wearing sunglasses even though it was dark and replied to the deputy “I don’t know”.

The deputy noticed a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the defendant and asked him again why he had been stopped at that location several times during the day, the defendant allegedly replied he used to work at the farm but could not answer why he was there that day. Deputies noticed an unopened beer in his cup holder and questioned the defendant about that. The complaint states that the defendant mumbled and was slurred. When asked if he had been drinking on that day the defendant replied “No”. After further discussion with the deputy the defendant allegedly admitted to having a couple of beers that day.

According to the complaint the defendant asked the deputies “What did I do?” and also stated “take care of me guys”. The defendant refused the field sobriety test and also refused to provide a PBT sample prior to be placed in the squad. Upon a search of the vehicle deputies found an empty beer bottle, the unopened bottle and a bottle that was 1/3 full.

The suspect was transported to Wheaten Franciscan for a blood draw and then transported to the Racine County Jail where he did agree to submit to a PBT for jail staff. According to the complaint the PBT displayed a reading of .212 after the defendant gave a breath sample