Unsolved Racine Homicide-Linda Massie


Photo courtesy Massie Family

Photo courtesy Massie Family

The family of Linda Massie is desperate for answers and wanting what little closure is possible in their lives and are asking the Racine community for help.

Linda Massie 29 was sexually assaulted and brutally stabbed to death in a home at 708 Randolph Street that was being renovated on March 6, 1990. A white sheet covered her face, and a bucket of drywall joint compound covered the sheet. Paint and caulk had been used in an attempt to conceal evidence.

A stain found on Massie’s inner thigh, however, contained low levels of semen. At the time, testing couldn’t pinpoint the source of the semen. After a DNA search found a match in 2004 Racine police arrested Albert Hill, 43, New Albany, Miss., on April 24 for the 1990 murder of Linda Massie. A DNA test in 2003 matched Hill’s DNA to that found on Massie’s body.

Albert Hill was scheduled to stand trial on August 29, 2005 in Racine County but due to miscommunications with his attorney, his attorney withdrew from the case. Missing witnesses also hindered taking the case to trial where the State moved to dismiss due to missing 2 witnesses that allegedly moved out on state on April 7,2006 . The case was dismissed without prejudice and the State could come back and file if they could locate the witnesses.

Obituary notices show that Albert Earl Hill passed away in September of 2011. The family is still searching for answers and for the witnesses. If anyone has any information that could provide some answers they are asked to contact the Racine Police Departy. Your anonymous leads and comments to the Racine Police Department through an email directly to the Investigations Bureau or Crime Stoppers.