Update on bomb threat at Racine County Courthouse

RCSOUpdated from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office- 1100am: During the course of this investigation, a location where the call was placed has been identified. While the investigation continues into this threat, we are unable to release any additional information at this time.

Another press release will be done at 1:00pm unless additional information is received and released to the public prior to that time.

0942am: On 10/26/15 at approximately 0827 hours, a bomb threat was made against the Racine County Courthouse. The Sheriff’s Office responded immediately and the courthouse was evacuated. Racine County Sheriff’s investigators, deputies, and buildings and facilities staff are doing a thorough search of the building. The Sheriff’s Office is also working on an intensive investigation into the threat made. At this time, ALL areas of the Racine County Courthouse will be closed until 1:00pm. No further information will be provided at this time.