URGENT-LOST DOG – Hit by plow 38 & Newman


JUSTICE IS LOST. JUST WAS CLIPPED BY A SNOW PLOW (pick up with plow on the front). Owner was jogging with him along Hwy 38 towards Newman when a truck came by and clipped the dog last evening. The dog bolted from her and pulled the leash out if her hands and ran north towards the Newman/Twin Elms/Linden Lane area. His name is Justice and came from a rescue who retrieved him from a highly abusive situation which has resulted in him never barking. He is an all white bull mix dog, extremely passive and he was wearing a red dog jacket. Contact number is 262-873-0608

Last known sighting: hwy 31 and Newman (Racine)
Name: Justice
Breed: American Bulldog
Age: 1yr
Weight: 50lbs