Vehicle Found Underwater Near North Beach

police lights Racine Police are on scene at this time down near North Beach/Reichert Court for a vehicle submerged underwater. 911 calls came in for an SUV/Minivan under the water near North Beach/Pugh Marina on Reichert Court.The Racine County Sheriff’s Department Water Patrol, Dive Team, along with the Racine Fire Department are en route. Radio reports that the fisherman is standing on the vehicle at this time and it appears the mini van has been in the water for some time, it is not known if anyone is inside. Emrgency crews are responding to the very end of Reichert Court at this time.

4:27 p.m. Radio reports that the vehicle was stolen out of Racine.

4:43 pm RFD Fire Boat is on scene and has the vehicle marked with a buoy, Racine County Sheriff’s Boat 2 is also on scene. Radio reports that there was no one inside the vehicle