Very Special Thank You to Mount Pleasant Police from Resident

mppd1I received this message this morning. All too often we hear about the negative in mainstream media about law enforcement. What they don’t share is the good things that police do.

“Hey, I really wanted to share this story with you. It started when I moved into my new house. Our new neighbors do not like anyone that rents so he seems to cause problems with neighbors. He called Mt Pleasant Police on a family member for working on cars in our driveway. We had the nicest officer come out and explain to us not let him bother us. Well last week my power was disconnected because we got behind on my bill. The neighbor complained again, this time that my grass was too long and that my electric was shut off and he said that we were living in our van.

So the same officer came over last night to do a welfare check. He spoke with a family member and found it all to be untrue except the fact that my power was off. As he was leaving he asked my family member if there was anything he could do for us and and we said no.

Today I saw we had a missed call so I called back and it was the officer calling to tell me that another officer had a lawn mower that they were going to give us and that they would come and drop it off. So about an hour later they came over to drop it off. Our family was very thankful and that;s not were it ends. As we were standing there talking he said that he needed one of us to do him a favor that he needed one of us to go with him because he had a We Energies bill he needed to pay. It was ours. This officer paid our bill out of his own account.

I have never been so grateful for anything in my whole life! Even hours later I am still in shock!!! When we asked how we could ever repay him he said to me “just take care of your kids and live your life!” Im sure he did it out of the kindness of his heart. But I feel that he deserves so much more then a simple Thank You ! Words can not explain how much this officer has given my family.”