Washington Ave accident victim would like to thank bystanders stopped to help

We received a note from an accident victim. She was involved in a car accident on Friday July 17th around 12:30 at Washington and Sycamore. She wanted to thank everyone who stopped to help

From Sarah M.

“Hi! I was wondering if you could share this . I was a driver of a vehicle yesterday that was involved in a car crash on Washington ave around 12:30. I was so thankful for the people who stopped to help me and the other driver. I wanted to thank them, but I never got there names! I can’t believe I walked away from the crash. But with there help I was able to calm down. I have PTSD and it was through the roof after the crash! We really have some amazing people in Racine who stepped up when I needed help. I was able to walk away with bruised everything and my knee in a brace. So thankful!”

Sarah sent us these pictures from her accident, we are grateful she was able to walk away without being seriously injured

accident 2