Woman charged in 4th of July OWI accident

Keisha Farrington-RCJ

Keisha Farrington-RCJ

Keisha M Farrington 33, of Racine, has been charged with OWI Cause Injury (Passenger < 16 Yrs) (2+), OWI (2nd w/ Passenger < 16 Yrs Old), two counts of Bail Jumping-Misdemeanor and was given a $5,000 cash bond after making her initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court. Her Preliminary hearing on July 16, 2015.

According to the criminal complaint Racine Police responded to the 1200 block of Douglas Ave for an accident with possible injuries on July 4th. Upon arrival police found the victim laying on the ground with leg pain. The victim stated that she had been with the defendant during the day and there had been disagreements about money, going to the fireworks and consuming intoxicants.

The victim stated that the defendant dropped the victim off on Douglas Ave, where the disagreements continued and the defendant kept yelling at the victim while behind the wheel of the car and the car was still moving forward where it struck the victim. Officers spoke with witnesses in the area who confirmed the argument and watched the victim being struck by the vehicle.

The complaint states that the victim was taken to the hospital where officers were told she may have sustained a broken leg. When officers approached the vehicle it was noted there was a 10 month old inside the vehicle. The defendant told police that she was “being set up” and believe the victim was faking her injuries. The defendant told authorities that she had consumed 7 beers and her results were from the PBT were .148 BAC. As officers escorted her into the hospital the complaint states that she stated “I’m Drunk”, and made numerous racial slurs to to officers and claimed the entire incident was due to “prejudice” and “ethnics”. She did consent to a legal blood draw at the hospital.