Woman charged with OWI after crashing into pole at Memorial & State Thursday evening


Latara Miller-RCJ

Latara Miller-RCJ

Latara D Miller, 24 of Racine has been charged with OWI (1st w/ Passenger < 16 Yrs Old) and 4 counts of felony bail jumping. She was given a $5,000 cash bond after making her initial appearance in Racine Circuit Courts Friday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint on December 17,2015 at 4:33 p.m., Racine Police were dispatched to the intersection of Memorial and State for a one vehicle accident. Upon arrival they found a vehicle had struck a light pole which was laying in the roadway. A female (identified as the defendant) was seen by officers walking away from the vehicle involved in the accident towards another vehicle that appeared to be waiting to pick her up. A witness was able to identify the defendant as the party that was driving the car in the accident.

Racine Police observed that the defendant demonstrated slurred speech when interviewing her and recovered a bottle of Orange Amsterdam liquor from the front seat of the vehicle. Officers also located a juvenile who stated to police that he was in the vehicle at the time of they crashed into the pole and the defendant had been driving. The defendant was transported to Wheaten Franciscan for a blood draw and medical staff informed police while attempting to medically clear the defendant she had a BAC of 0.15, the complaint reads.

The defendant was released on bond on October 2,2015, as conditions of her bond she to completely abstain from driving, possessing alcohol, consuming alcohol and committing new crimes. She is now facing felony bail jumping charges for thos.