Woman charged with recklessly endangering the safety of 11 month old baby

antonia jenkiins Antonia N R Jenkins, 28, of Racine has been charged with two counts of 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and two counts of Disorderly Conduct. She was given a $2,500 cash bond after making her initial appearance in Racine Circuit Courts on Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint on June 13, 2016 at 7:32 p.m. officers with the Racine Police Department were dispatched to the 1600 block for an unwanted woman with a baby. Upon arrival officers observed the defendant holding the baby yelling at parties and making threats. Officers separated the parties and noticed the defendant appeared to be intoxicated by her slurred speech, she was unable to walk in a straight line or stand without swaying. Officers spoke to witnesses who stated that the defendant had come to a residence saying that she needed to get money from the tenant in the lower but was told the tenant was currently in jail and she could not enter the residence. Parties told police how the defendant had threatened to assault the one party.

The complaint reads that a witness told police that she witnessed a red vehicle with a male driver and the defendant in the vehicle arguing and it appeared that the driver kicked the defendant out of the vehicle. Witnesses observed as the defendant was getting the baby out of the car seat in the back a bottle of Hennessey fall from the vehicle and was appeared to be intoxicated by the way she was stumbling away from the vehicle. The witness explained that the defendant put the baby on top of a metal dog crate and began banging on the door and tried to pull the door open. The witnesses told the defendant to pick up the baby which the defendant allegedly threatened the witnesses.

According to the complaint the defendant put the 11 month old baby on a porch column which was seven feet from the ground. Witness worrying about the safety of the baby yelled at the defendant to pick the child up so that the child would not fall in which the defendant allegedly yelled more threats. The defendant than put the child down on the porch and when the child was trying to get the defendants attention the defendant allegedly pushed the child down, the criminal complaint reads. Witnesses stated that the defendant put the child down in the roadway and continued to yell at the witnesses.

While talking to the defendant, Racine Police officers told her to sit down with the baby since she was swaying. She allegedly put the baby on the steps. She became agitated with officers and stood up with her back away from the child. As officers stepped forward to tell the defendant to sit down and hold the child, the child allegedly started to fall down the porch stairs nearly striking her head but an officer was able to catch the child before she was injured.

According to the criminal complaint officers made the decision to have the 11 month old child checked out medically since it appeared the child was dirty and very hungry. Human Services met officers at the hospital and due to the situation took emergency custody of the child. The defendant was transported to the hospital also to be medically cleared due to her being intoxicated. While at the hospital the defendant was using profane language, and kicking walls and tables at the hospital. A warrant was obtained for the defendant for a blood draw alcohol and drug screening