Woman thanks residents who helped after tire falls off her car

Thank you Anna C. contacted us today and would like to send a special message to those that helped her today.
“I want to thank a few people who helped my mom and I today. Our tire had popped off our car when we were on our way to Walmart today. It had been a spare as the original had gone flat a few days ago. We didn’t know what to do as we didn’t have a jack with us and the lug nuts were lost when the tire popped off. We were just about to resort to calling a tow truck, but then some really nice people offered help. First a man came to check it out and offered to go get his jack from home when he had meetings to go to for work. Then a nice couple stopped and said that they had a jack in the back of their car and the husband said he’d help get the tire back on. His wife ran my mom to the nearest auto shop to get lug nuts while he set up the jack. When we realized his jack couldn’t lift the car up enough, his wife took my mom and I home so my mom could get our own jack that we knew worked. While we were gone though, a mechanic stopped and looked at it and told the husband to relay to us what he thought needed to be replaced. The wife then drove my mom back over and they helped get the tire back on. Also I want to apologize to the man once again who had his car hit by our tire that flew off. Thank you for understanding. We didn’t catch anyone’s name though unfortunately. Thank you EVERYONE that helped us or tried to help us. We appreciate it VERY VERY much. We are so very grateful there is such kind and nice people in Racine!”