Yet again… the greatness of Racine shows again because of a few bicycles and children

tireWe began posting a few weeks ago the good in Racine that we witnessed or found out about through readers on the site a little but a lot on facebook. We witnessed this today while doing some volunteering in the community.
“THE GREAT in Racine yet again. Today we witnessed a young boy waiting around for a 2nd shift officer to come on duty with the Racine Police Department. He was there waiting because they are going to be building a bike together. Sure enough this GREAT officer appears with the bike frame in hand, they choose the colors that is it going to be painted today, & talked about the parts, etc. The smile on this young boys face will be long remembered. The officer is taking the time and the expense to do this with him. While standing talking we noticed yet another bike and found out that this officer had discovered another young boy in the neighborhood that had no brakes, the tires were bad (it was basically unsafe to ride). This officer took it upon himself to fix everything that is needed and make sure it was safe to ride again.. Why? because this is an example of some of the greatness in the men and women of the Racine Police Department, and what they do everyday! I said a few weeks ago I would find the good in Racine, and its been pretty easy seeing the good day in and day out”