1815 – Arthur McArthur Born

On this date Wisconsin Governor Arthur McArthur was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Arthur McArthur moved to Milwaukee in 1849, where he opened a law office and became involved in Democratic Party politics. He was elected lieutenant governor under the William Barstow administration in 1855. Between the time William Barstow was indicted for election fraud until Coles Bashford was named governor, Arthur McArthur served as governor for four days, from March 21 to March 25, 1856. He was appointed to the 2nd Wisconsin Circuit Court and was active in Scottish ethnic organizations such as the Burns Club. Arthur McArthur’s grandson is General Douglas MacArthur (MacArthur’s father, Arthur Jr., changed the spelling of their family name). Arthur McArthur died on August 26, 1896 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams, p.254]