1863 – Theodora Winton Youmans Born

On this date was born in a log cabin in Ashippun. She was raised in Prospect Hill — now part of New Berlin — where she learned both English and German. She graduated from Carroll College and became a writer for the in the early 1880s. She was given a regular women’s column in the paper, where she regularly wrote about the . In 1889 she married editor, Henry Youmans. In 1896 Youmans was one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs (WFWC) and served as its president in 1900. WFWC leaders chose to pursue a broad program of social reform, such as educational reform and improved public health services for children, in addition to women’s rights. From 1895 to 1925, Youmans continued to promote WFWC’s program through her column. She led the 1911-12 campaign for a women’s suffrage amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution. In 1913 the WFWC and WWSA merged under WWSA’s name and Youmans was elected the first president of the re-organized WWSA. Youmans served as a member of the Electoral College in the Harding campaign of 1920. She also ran for Wisconsin State Senate in 1924 but was defeated by John C. Schumann. She continued to be active in politics and civic improvement projects until her death in 1932.