1st National Night Out at the Mount Pleasant Police Lakeside Community Policing House

20150804_171939On Tuesday 8/4/2015 officers from the Mount Pleasant Police Department, with sponsorship from Racine Neighborhood Watch, hosted our first annual National Night-Out Event at the NEW Lakeside Community Policing House in Mount Pleasant. It is located at 2237 Mead St. Mount Pleasant, WI. The event ran from 4 pm to 8 pm and was well attended the entire time. It was great to see all the smiles and positive interactions.

During this event members from the community volunteered to help serve hot-dogs, chips, pop corn, cookies, watermelon, lemonade, miscellaneous snacks, and water. Additionally, a Games Committee had been established at a Neighborhood Watch meeting. This group of residents and business owners put together an excellent array of activities for the children. These participants received prizes for helping out during the event and also prizes were awarded during the games and various activities.

Also, Fire Fighters from the South Shore Fire Department parked their fire engine in the street near the COP house. Along with giving explanations about their various pieces of equipment to anyone who was interested, they also extended a latter on one of their fire engines. This latter was extended high over the front lawn of the COP House in order for a piñata to be hung in the center of the front yard. That was a very exiting moment for the kids! They all took swings at the piñata and eventually filled their bags with the candy that dropped.

In my opinion this was one of the most memorable events that our department hosted at the COP house so far. I was amazed how everyone was constantly engaging in great conversation and having an amazingly fun time. We look forward to maintaining close relationships with our neighbors on the East side and throughout the Village.

I want to give a sincere thank you to residents of the Lakeside community who volunteered their time to make this event such a great success. Your efforts are always very much appreciated! Your commitment is proving to be a powerful force in making this neighborhood a comfortable place to live.

Mount Pleasant Officers were invited to other National Night Out picnics that took place throughout the Village of Mount Pleasant on this day. These events allow for great relationship building. Thanks for your recognition and support during these annual (National) activities.

We look forward to more positive community contacts. It is a pleasure to serve the great residents of Mount Pleasant. Thanks again. See more photos at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/mppdmeadcop