ADOPT ME! I’m Buddy! Searching for a Furever Best Friend!

Looking for a best friend!

Buddy is an approximately 3 year old Staffordshire Terrier and Australian Shepherd mix. He’s neutered, housebroken, and looking for someone to be his best bud for life.

What we know about Buddy’s history is rocky. He ended up in a small, overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma, that was noisy and stressful. He took a 15 hour ride to Wisconsin, and from there found himself in a boarding facility. He eventually wound up at the Lucky Mutts Rescue adoption center, which he called home for a while. He’s been fortunate enough to spend the last couple months in a great foster home, where he has been working hard on relaxing and enjoying life they way he deserves.

Buddy has a confidence issue, as in, he doesn’t have much. He needs the person he’s with to be confident and calm, so that he doesn’t get anxious. When he’s with that strong personality he needs, he’s an awesome companion. He loves fetch and cuddles, and wants to be your shadow. He warms up to women faster than men, and is wary of children, but can warm up to most people with proper introduction and patience. When he does get anxious, he can get defensive, so he needs a leader who knows how to manage and diffuse that anxiety.

If you think you might be Buddy’s perfect match, apply on our website. He’s part of our Diamonds in the Ruff program, which means his potential adopters will have an extended meet and greet process, and he will be foster to adopt, to ensure a great fit.