Body Painting raises concerns and complaints from visitors at Party on the Pavement

newsWe received video and pictures this weekend from visitors who were concerned with body painting that was going on at Party on the Pavement. We didnt post the video or pictures because it did show partial nudity. Women wearing nothing but pasties on their upper torsos or some in thongs. We spoked with Devin Sutherland this morning after contacting him right away with the communications we got from residents and this was his response

“I can assure you that the Downtown Racine Corporation (the organization responsible for Party on the Pavement), was as shocked as anyone when we were notified as to what was occurring at Pepi’s Pub & Grill. We sincerely appreciate the Racine Police Department’s prompt intervention in this matter.
Beginning in late July, we distribute letters and applications to the downtown merchants inquiring as to their participation in Party on the Pavement. The letter clearly states, “All we ask is that your activity take place outside, that you follow City of Racine permit regulations, and that it be family-friendly.” Pepi’s Pub & Grill did submit their application indicating that they were collaborating with Red Bull and would have a stage with DJ’s and body painting. We never imagined that this promotion would include something completely contradictory to the spirit of Party on the Pavement.

We sincerely apologize to the visitors, vendors, neighboring businesses and residents who were exposed to this exhibition and certainly see the need for much stricter regulation in the future. Hopefully a similar apology will be forthcoming from Pepi’s Pub and Grill and their sponsor. ”

The Journal Times also posted an article regarding this and it states that the Co-Owner of Pepi’s stated that the models were supposed to wear bikinis, you can visit their article here JOURNAL TIMES-Partially Nude Body Painting Shocks At Party On the Pavement