Foster Homes Needed for Moms & Pups!


Everyone loves to cuddle a puppy, but it takes a special person or family to help a litter and their Mama through whelping and weaning so they can go to their forever homes. Lucky Mutts Rescue has a wonderful foster team, but this is one area where we need some more help. We’re looking for additional foster homes that either already have experience whelping and weaning puppies, or have the time, energy and enthusiasm to give it a try! If this is something you’d be new to, we do have people with experience who can guide you through it.

If you’d like to join our team, and especially if you are interested in being a whelping foster, please fill out an application on our website. When we’re asked to take a pregnant mama, or one who has recently had a litter, that’s not the time to be scrambling to find somewhere for them to go. We are looking to get some fosters approved and ready to rock and roll when one of those pleas for help come in. Help us give some babies a great start in life!