GHOST HUNTING 101 X 2 RPI’s Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Racine, WI– Racine Paranormal Investigators is teaming up with the good people of the Racine Masonic Center on October 31, 2017 for a fundraiser for the recent hurricanes that have devastated our country. The venue will host up to 80 people. Online there is a donation fee, $10.00 for adults and $7.00 for 12 and under online. At the door, it will be $12.00 for adults and $9.00 for 12 and under. Anyone under the age of 15 will need to be accompanied by an adult. There will be a presentation that we will put on, and it will include all of the following:
 About us
 Ghost Hunting 101
 Past investigations
 Evidence audio and visual
 SLS session and sb7 session. (will explain at a later video)
 Q&A
 A Special Presentation from Michael Sorensen our lead Spiritualist and Medium. Along with Erika Dorn, a Medium and investigator for RPI.
We will close this fantastic night with a tour of the gorgeous Masonic Temple. There will be time during the tour for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) hunting, so we encourage everyone to bring their audio and video recording equipment.

“Investigating the paranormal isn’t about invoking fear or chaos for the purpose of personal gain or entertainment. Real investigating is about educating the public, helping others, and uncovering history lost in time so we may learn from it and help create a better tomorrow.”
-Racine Paranormal Investigators

Please direct any questions to Ron L Helmick at 1-262-770-8976 or email at