Kenosha Teens Face Burglary While Armed Charges In Connection Burglary and Vehicle Break-Ins

kenosha-suspectsThree Kenosha teens are facing charges in connection with stealing a vehicle and then committing burglaries in Racine. Jarrel Gordon, 17, Koven Blakey, 17 and Roosevelt Busby 17 all of Kenosha have been charged with Burglary-Armed w/ Dangerous Weapon, Take and Drive Vehicle w/o Consent,Theft-Movable Property <=$2500. Blakey was given a $2,500 cash bond, Busby was given a $1,000 cash bond and GordonĀ got a $1,000 cash bond after they all appeared in Racine Courts Tuesday afternoon

According to the criminal complain on December 4,2016 at 4:58 a.m. Racine Police responded for a report of a burglary. Upon arrival officers spoke to the victim who stated that he was outside grilling breakfast and going between his garage and home and the back door was unlocked. The victim stated that his vehicle keys, money clip were on the kitchen counter during this time period. While cooking the victim heard a knock at his front door and the suspect identified as GORDON asked if the victim had seen a pit bull his was missing. As the victim was speaking to GORDON he heard his back door close. The victim went to the back and noticed his keys and money clip were missing and then heard his car start and observed his vehicle exiting the driveway, across his lawn and striking a fence.

During this time period Mount Pleasant Police located the stolen vehicle followed it until the suspects fled on foot in the 2800 block of Crossridge. Officers found burrs or plant fibers indicative of people walking through a wooded area and recovered the money clip.

Mount Pleasant Police then responded around 7:02 a.m. to the area of Birkshire & Lunba Lanes for a report of three black males carrying backpacks walking through the area and acting suspicious. Officers located the parties (all defendants) who stated they had been walking for hours and had been coming from a friend’s apartment. When asked for the friend’s address they could not provide one. Officers asked the defendants if they needed a ride and according to rules the defendants backpacks were searched before being able to transport them for officer safety reasons. Officers located a rambo style knife in Busby’s backpack and large amount of change in the other backpacks.

The complaint states that as the defendants were getting into the squad dispatch was notifying area law enforcement for multiple thefts from vehicles. Officers believed that based on the items in the backpacks that the defendants were in fact the suspects from the vehicle thefts. The defendants were transported to the police department.

Officers recovered a GPS unit, multiple small knives, masks, pry bars, flash lights, and also large knives along with cash, change, multiple cells phones, lighters, and apple watch, a speaker and other items stolen during the multiple vehicle break ins.

When Gordon was questioned he stated he had no knowledge of anything being stolen but admitted that he had been at the victims home looking for his lost puppy but didn’t know if his friends had entered through the back door or how they were all reunited after he had left the residence.