Man charged in connection with shooting and crash at 5th & Main


Delvin Hoard-RCJ

Delvin Hoard-RCJ

Delvin S Hoard, 20 of Racine has been charged with three counts of 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, and one count of Carry Concealed Weapon. He was given a $75,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint on March 1,2016 Investigators were informed by officers with the Racine Police Department that the defendant had been stopped and brought in for questioning regarding an incident that occurred February 6, 2016 at 5th and Main Streets.

The defendant allegedly stated to Investigators that he present for the incident and noted who other people were in the vehicle. He stated that they went to LRC Bar on the southside of Racine and then decided to go to Popeye’s to get something to eat. Another occupant handed the defendant a gun, believe to be a 38 and said you don’t have to use it but it is an option. Once at Popeye’s the vehicle got stuck in traffic and was pinned in by a white SUV style truck, occupants of both vehicles began to argue. At 10th and Washington the persons in the white SUV began firing shots at the silver buick which the defendant was in and 8-9 additional shots were fired at 10th and Main Street, the complaint reads.

According to the complaint as the defendant and another occupant of the Buick pleaded with the driver to turn off and slow down, which he did not comply. Once the vehicles turned onto Main Street from 10th, additional shots were being fired between both vehicles.

As stated in the criminal complaint, on 2/6/16, Investigators spoke with a party from the SUV who admitted to being a passenger in the SUV and being in possession of a 40 caliber handgun and attempting to conceal if from Racine Police after the crash on Lake Ave. The defendant also told authorities that after the crash he fled from the scene and hid in the alley by the Journal Times for some time until he could run home stating he threw the weapon but would be able to show police where it was. Racine Police were not able to locate the defendants gun during their search. Others involved have not yet been criminally charged so their names are not mentioned