Man charged with attempted 1st degree homicide after stabbing relative


Samuel Valdez

Samuel Valdez

Samuel D Valdez 25 of Racine has been charged with attempted1st-Degree Intentional Homicide and 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety. He made his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court and is being held on $100,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled 2-24-2016

According to the criminal complaint on February 18,2016, Racine Police responded to the 800 block of Wolff Street for a reported stabbing. An anonymous caller had reported that the defendant had stabbed a relative. Upon arrival police found the victim with a laceration on the right side of his neck and right cheek. The victim stated that they had been arguing “as they always do”, when the defendant accused the victim of threatening to have his friends beat up the defendant, and then grabbed a large hunting knife.

The victim states that he was able to block the first swing from the defendant which is why it only cut his cheek. The victim was not able to block the second swing which caused a 3 inch cut on the victims neck below his ear. A witness was able to wrestle the knife away from the defendant and stopped the assault.