Man charged with burglary after being caught in home by police

Morgan T. Wilson, 52 of Racine has been charged with Burglary-Dwelling, Boat or Motor Home. His bail has been set at $1,000 cash and a hold has been placed on him by the Department of Corrections.

According to the criminal complaint, on August 14, 2017, Racine Police were dispatched to the 1600 block Monroe Ave. for a reported burglary. While responding, officers learned that the homeowner and suspect were both in the house. Upon arrival, officers observed that the rear gate to the home was wide open and bricks were being used to keep it from closing. The screen door to the home was closed; however, the interior door was wide open.

Officers entered the home and observed a male, later identified as Morgan Wilson the defendant, standing in the kitchen. Wilson was ordered to place his hands on the stove. Wilson was not compliant and tried to tell officers that he worked for an insurance and was at the home to take care of a bee hive by the exterior ramp. Wilson was stabilized against the stove and detained. After being detained, Wilson stated that he was sent to the home by his boss, to take care of the bee hive. Officers late spoke with his boss who stated that he did not send Wilson to the house to do any work and the residents are not clients of his.

Officers then located several pry marks on the back door as well as a black crow bar resting on a ledge by the back door. Next to the crow bar was a jewelry box containing a ladies watch. Officers then spoke with the victim who stated that she heard knocking on the front door and then a lot of banging and rattling at the back door. The victim told police that Wilson then came to her bedroom and told her that he was there to fix a bee hive.

Invetigators spoke with Wilson and Wilson stated he felt bad because he did not know anyone was in the home and that he was looking for something to take.