Man charged with homicide after murdering woman & throwing her in dumpster

harry-fumich Harry S Fumich, 49 of Racine has been charged with 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, Hiding a Corpse and Robbery with Use of Force. He was given a $500,000 bond after appearing in Racine Circuit Court

According to the criminal complaint on October 5,2016 Racine Police were contacted regarding a homicide that took place in the apartments above Sunshine Supermarket and a body was thrown in the dumpster. The truck had already emptied the dumpster and officers met the truck  at the dump site on 16th and Oakes and discovered the victim wrapped in a blanket. The caller stated that the defendant asked him to help dispose of an item on the night of October 4,2016. The witness stated that the defendant asked him to push the dumpster to the wall where the defendant threw the victim from the roof into the dumpster. Officers took additional parties into custody when one blurted out and began sobbing “he killed that woman” and agreed to speak with officers regarding the events that happened.

According to the complaint the defendant was upset with the victim stirring up controversy, and between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on the morning of October 4th he lured the victim into his apartment where he strangled her with an electrical cord. The group then left the apartment to smoke crack and returned later and noticed a smell one party involved said to light some incense.

Investigators spoke with the defendant who stated that the victim owed him money and he did place the electrial cord around her neck and tightened it until he realized she was dead. He wrapped her in a blanket and placed the victim in the refrigerator, he contacted another party who he saw outside and asked for his help. The defendant told the party he had killed the victim and showed him her body. He then threw her from the roof that night into the dumpster where she was covered up with garbage. He admitted to stealing money and other items from the victim during the interview according to the complaint