Man to be charged after threatening to kidnap children at Wadewitz Elementary School

Steven P Holub, of Racine is scheduled to be charged with misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct Friday afternoon. According to inmate records a hold has been placed on him by the Wisconsin Department Of Corrections.

According to the criminal complaint On 05/04/17 at 1251 p.m. Racine Police were dispatched to Wadewitz Elementary School at 2700 Yout Street. Upon arrival officers spoke to the school personnel who stated that during 5th grade recesses two people walked through the school yard (property) and told three students “Expletive you” and “I am going to come back and kidnap you”.

School officials stated the three girls ran to a teacher on the playground. The teacher was able to take a photo of the two people as they walked on the sidewalk going toward Rapids Drive. Witnesses were able to give descriptions They stated one was a white man in his 40’s to 50’s. He was wearing a black jacket or hoodie and had a beard. The other was a white female who looked younger, wearing a gray hoodie, and blue jeans. The girls stated the male was carrying a white bag and the female was carrying a can drink. Officers were able to obtain a picture of the suspects.

The criminal complaint states that officers went to the at the Riverside Inn and watched the video from the hotel’s CCTV recording. officers observed the defendant and a woman walk into the hotel. Steven was wearing a black jacket with a hood on it and the female was wearing a gray hoodie. Steven was carrying food and the female was carrying a can as they walked into the hotel. Officers were confident that the two parties were the ones that caused the disturbance at Wadewitz School