Owner of Sunshine Supermarket Facing Criminal Charges

The owner of Sunshine Supermarket located at 1559 Taylor Ave is now facing criminal charges.
The supermarket has been surrounded by problems and complaints from residents. The business recently surrendered it’s alcohol license.

On February 3,2017 the City of Racine filed an Injunction/Restrain Order against the owners and the supermarket. Judge Paulson granted the request ordering them to shut down and vacate the property and remain off premises unless and until the court orders otherwise.. A motion hearing is set for Friday, February 10,2017 regarding the injunction

According to online court records criminal charges were filed on February 7,2017 against owner Candace Ali for Misd. Cigarette Retailer Purchase/Unlic.Manufr, Alter Cigarette Package Before Sale or Distribution to Consumer, and Cig Retailer Fail/Keep Records. A summons was issued for her initial appearance for those charges on February 21,2017.