Prisoner Prevents Teens From Following in his Footsteps with App

iou-future-2 Mr. Dante Cottingham is currently serving a life sentence for party to a crime 1st degree homicide, he was 17 years old and to date has been incarcerated for 21 years. He is dedicated and passionate about preventing youth traveling the same path to prison he took. The website began in 2009 and is focused on at risk youth in Racine.

Among his many efforts to deter at risk youth from following in his footsteps he recently developed an App called Crossroadz. The details of his story and speaking from prison is certain to give him a unique credibility among some of our most troubled teens.

Available now, the CrossRoadz App can be used by fathers, mothers,sisters,brothers, Police Officers, mentors and anyone else concerned with the actions of a youth in their life as one of the tools used to reach and awaken them.

Iou Future Crssroadz App  – a free Mobile App created for iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile. No download need.

For more information please visit IOU FUTURE