Racine Fire Department To Apartment Building Fire on Anthony Lane

RFD-logo On Saturday December 10th at 5:10 p.m. the Racine Fire Department along with the Racine Police Department responded to an active structure fire at 2409 Jacato Drive. A tenant in the building heard smoke alarms going off in another apartment, the tenant checked on the source of the alarms and saw smoke in the hallway. The tenant called 911 and started knocking on doors to alert the other tenants. Everyone in the building was able to self evacuate. Some tenants were allowed back into the building. Due to the weather the Racine Fire Club was called in to aid in rehab for the fire crews and the DPW was called in to ensure the streets were safe due to the water used during the fire which was freezing on the streets. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Fire officials state that there is $30,000 in damages to the structure and $10,000 to contents. There were no injuries reported