Racine man charged with sexually assaulting mentally handicapped girl


Benson Jackson-RCJ

Benson Jackson-RCJ

Benson J Jackson Sr, 45 of Racine has been charged with one count of felony 2nd Deg.Sex. Assault/Mentally Ill Victim. He was given a $50,000 cash bond. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 9th.

According to the criminal complaint, Mount Pleasant Police collected a cell found that had been found by a citizen outside her apartment building. The citizen stated that she turned the phone on in hopes of being able to locate the owner and said the defendants name once it powered on. The citizen stated that the phone had no calls listed and only one contact. The citizen checked the media on the phone to see whether she could identify any of the neighbors at which time she observed a a video showing a young mentally handicapped female neighbor being assaulted. She was able to identify the victim and the defendant from the video.

Investigators report that they found 2 videos on the cell phone from January 25th showing the defendant sexually assaulting her. On March 1, 2016 the Mount Pleasant Police Department executed a search warrant on the defendants residence on Kinzie Ave., authorities recovered, various VHS, Hi-8 tapes and DVD’s labeled “porno”.

According to the criminal complaint on March 1,2016 the defendant was taken into custody. The defendant acknowledged the girl was mentally handicapped and identified himself in the videos and stated that they were “just playing around” and “nothing dirty” and that they do it “all the time” and it was “just joking around” and tried to tell investigators it was for educational purposes.

Once confronted by Investigators with the Mount Pleasant Police department, the defendant allegedly broke down stated that his girlfriend had left him, he was lonely and the victim reminded him of her?mother and if he is in trouble he understands.