Racine visitor thanks local resident for her kindess


thank youOrin Thomas would like to take a moment to thank Bonnie Larkfield for her kindness

“I want to let you guys know of a great samaritan in the city that did an absolutely wonderful thing. I was recently back down in Racine (my home town) for my mother’s funeral. While down there my girlfriend and I did a lot of running around. During this time, she ended up losing her wallet. It had everything in it, from her ID to her nursing certifications. This wonderful lady found the wallet and made sure to mail it so it got back to us. I wanted to let you guys know and would ask that you guys share something about it if you can. The lady is named Bonnie J. Larkfield. It is nice to know that in a world that is going to hell these days, there are still good people out there. And it makes me even happier to know that, despite all the negative things I hear about happening in Racine, good things are still happening in Racine.”