Racine woman gives the coat off her own back to someone in need


helpSome could call it fate, or coincidence. Whatever it was, helped a woman out yesterday, January 11th. Stephanie Woodington had left work sick, as she was walking out from filling her prescription, she came across a situation that broke her heart.

We spoke to her this morning. “It broke my heart to see this young mother walking in the cold with NO COAT while pushing a stroller with a little one walking next to it. She walked past me I asked do you need gloves? I popped my trunk an gave them 4 new pairs of gloves to double up. She asked for 2 dollars to catch the bus, I went to the time machine pulled out more than what she asked for gave it to her, an gave her my coat too. I wanted to cry just knowing she was going back out in the cold to walk without a coat. I am thankful because I knew she wouldn’t be that cold walking with those babies.”

Stephanie asked us to please spread the word. Don’t ignore others. She said this morning “I pray what I do will inspire others to help someone else out in need.”