SCAM ALERT-Hostage scam hits Racine

scam alertWe were contacted by friends asking how to get ahold of the Milwaukee Police Department. She had gotten a ¬†phone call about an accident involving family. She contacted Milwaukee Police and found out there was no accident (the scammers were detailed with information) Here is what she told us. “Well there was no accident on I called the police.. Who ever it is is playing on my phone.. They told me they got my cousin in an apartment building held hostage and I need to pay them or they are going to kill her.. But all my cousins are safe..” She was contacted by two different numbers, one having a 414 (Milwaukee) area code and then another with a 480 (Arizona) area code

It was reported that others in different parts of Wisconsin were also affected by this in late July. If you don’t recognize the phone number don’t answer the call. Here is a link to WISN that reported on it the end of July Police warn of new scam going around claiming someone’s taken hostage