Second man charged in connection with shooting death of Deshaun Jordan

Jonathan W Bell, 23 of Racine has been charged with one count of 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide and four counts of attempted 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide (all repeater enhancements and party to a crime). His bail has been set at $500,000 after appearing in Racine Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint, during the course of the investigation into the homicide of Deshaun Jordan, a person of interest was developed as a subject of interest in this homicide as being with EARL (already charged)  the night the homicide occurred. On 08/14/12017, officers with the Racine Police Department stopped the party on the north side of town and detained him for questioning.

The criminal complaint states that the party on Sunday, 08/06/2017,   said while walking early afternoon hours, he saw a male black who he identified as JON JON sitting in a black Charger. Racine Police Investigators know based on previous contacts that JonJon is Jonathon Bell and is also  a Vice Lord gang member.   According to the party, they chilled inside the Dodge Charger for some time. During that time, the defendant  showed him a handgun which he  believed to be a .45 in his waistband while he was seated in the Charger.

The parties when met up with RYTRELL EARL and then got into EARL’s white Impala.  The three individuals took the Impala to get gas in the area of Eleventh Street and Washington Avenue, and then began driving around the Sixteenth Street area “seeing if some Dirty P’s were outside.”

The criminal complaint states that they parked in an alley off of Slauson Avenue for a while and waited, but no Dirty P or rival gang members walked by. They then drove to the the 1600 block of Phillips Avenue west alley where they parked. The criminal complaints states that  that BELL exited the vehicle with EARL and a short time later, the third party heard multiple shots fired. According to the witness, BELL jumped back in the driver’s seat, EARL jumped in the back seat, and they left the area south down the alley at a high rate of speed.