Substitute teacher arrested on sex related charges


police lightsThe Mount Pleasant Police Department along with Racine Unified School District Administration has been conducting an investigation regarding allegations of a substitute school teacher having inappropriate sexual contact with at least one student. The inappropriate sexual contact was reported to have occurred away from school and after school hours. The initial incident reportedly occurred at Case High School in the Village of Mount Pleasant.

After investigating the initial reported inappropriate contact, additional incidents of inappropriate sexual contact were discovered. The investigation revealed a substitute teacher was contacting female students outside of school hours via social media and would then meet with the students. The contact between the substitute teacher and the students was reported to be of an illegal, sexual nature.

On Friday March 4, 2016, the former substitute, was taken into custody by Mount Pleasant Police. Charges have been referred to the Racine County District Attorneys Office of:

Child Enticement – Felony 948.07
Sexual Assault of a Child by School Staff Person -Felony 948.045 (3)(a)
Exposing a Child to Harmful Material – Felony 948.11 (4)(b)1

At this time the investigation is ongoing and no additional information is available.

Please note he has not been charged in criminal court or appeared on charges we are not naming him at this time