The GREAT! Group Helps Homeless In Racine

Michael Cohoon, the Chapter Chief for the Kanwa Tho Lodge 636, Wikkiak Sabbeleu Chapter for the Order of the Arrow-Boy s Scouts honor society, got together with other local OA boys and called around area shelters to see if they could help their needs at all.

HALO responded by asking for help with personal hygiene items. (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization)

They’ve been collecting for 4 weeks. Mostly from 2 area churches and their troop. It’s estimated they’ve raised $500.00 in hygiene products.

As Michael stood in church today to thank everyone for allowing them to put their collection box out, and thanking everyone who participated he was asked to speak he┬ástated while he “didn’t see a box for local scouts to help, or church participating in helping the community, he seen an overflowing box of love for all”

(Michael is from troop 505 out of Kenosha. He is the chapter chief of OA for the kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee lodge. That’s the Kanwa Tho Lodge. The chapter that did the drive was the Wikkiak Sabbelleu Chapter. Troop 505 participated in the drive, the OA organized and led it.)