Three Suspects charged in connection with murder of Thomas Borglin


Three men have made their initial appearance in Racine Circuit Monday April 18th in connection with the murder of Thomas Borglin of Racine. Bobby Mitton is charged with 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, Theft-Movable Property <=$2500 and was given a $500,000 bond. Mecquon Jones has been charged with 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, Theft-Movable Property <=$2500 and was given a $500,000 bond and Derryle L. Allen has been charged with two counts of Harboring/Aiding a Felon (A/B/C/D or unclassified felony/life) and Theft-Movable Property <=$2500 and was given a $50,000

According to the criminal complaint on April 11th investigators with the Racine Police Department were assigned to the death of Thomas Borglin at the time the victim was found face down in the hallway and had serious of injuries to his face and neck. Family members notified police that two televisions were missing from the residence and authorities noticed that the victims pockets were emptied. According to medical examiner reports, the victim died from blunt force trauma to the chest and neck area and trauma to the facial region.

Investigators went to West Town Foods and reviewed video surveillance tape of the three suspects making a purchase of liquor in the store which was recovered from the scene. That video, showed Mitton and Jones in the store ?purchasing alcohol & cigarettes. Prosecutors say a bottle of gin purchased by Jones was found in Borglins home, along with Miller Lite cans purchased by Jones. Additionally, ?cigarettes purchased by Mitton were found in Borglins home ? extinguished on the floor.?According to the suspect statements, the suspects stopped by the victim’s home on April 11th and began drinking. Mitton and the victim got into a verbal argument and Mitton began to assault him, witness reports that the victim did not want to fight. Mitton slammed the victim into the ground and began punching him in the face and neck area, Jones began stomping on his chest area. During the course of the interviews police were able to identify the suspects had stolen the tvs. One of the suspects told police that he thought the victim was breathing when they left but admitted he never checked.