Union Grove High School Student charged with March 24th bomb scare


courtDavid J Kopecky, 18 of Racine has been charged with felony Bomb Scares and misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. He made his initial appearance today in Racine Circuit Court. He has been free on $5,000 bond.

According to the criminal complaint, on 3/24/16 Investigators with the Racine County Sheriff’s Department received a report that over the past few months, a Union Grove High School student had been making threats against staff and students.

Investigators made contact with a witness who stated that the defendant said some things while they were at school. The witness told investigators that on March 17,2016 the defendant joked about having a bomb and blowing up the school. The defendant allegedly went into detail about the bomb having a “timer mechanism” and a fuse. The witness also stated that the defendant told him that he wanted to “hurt and kill”, the criminal complaint reads.

Another student told Investigators that the defendant said “Don’t touch my bag, you don’t know if I have a gun”. The witness told authorities that the defendant said he would pull out a gun and spray bullets and he could fit a bomb in his bag if he wanted, the complaint states.

On March 24, 2016 Investigators interviewed more students who stated that the defendant had talked about shooting people and blowing things up and how many clips it would take to take people out. They said that the defendant named the people he wanted to take out and in which order he would kill them.

According to the criminal complaint Investigators spoke with the defendant on March 24 and he told authorities he did joke around about blowing the school up, but wouldn’t because he didn’t want to go to jail. The defendant stated that he admitted to being picked on a lot and reach a boiling point and says things he shouldn’t. He stated that he made the threats once a week because others had gotten him very upset. He told Investigators that he does not have a plan and has never made any bomb. He also told Investigators that he understands the seriousness of what he is saying and probably shouldn’t say things like this in today’s world.