Wisconsin residents can break a window in a vehicle to save a child or pet

summer heatThis is the first summer that a law, passed in Wisconsin in November of 2015 prevents Good Samaritans from being sued for breaking into a hot vehicle to rescue a pet or child in distress.

The law, Assembly Bill 308, requires police to be contacted BEFORE you break into the vehicle to ensure the pet or child are really in danger. The Kenosha state lawmaker behind the Good Samaritan lawRepresentative Tod Ohnstad, says no one should be afraid to try to save a life because they think they might be sued.


Under Wisconsin’s Good Samaritan law, if you see a vulnerable person or a pet in a car you suspect is dangerously hot, your next steps are clear:

  1. Check to see if the doors are locked.
  2. If yes, look to see if an adult responsible for the child or pet is nearby.
  3. If no, call 911 and then try to break one of the windows in the vehicle.