Woman arrested after robbing elderly woman and is stopped by good samaritans

Lacy L Lanciloti, 27 of Kenosha is facing charges of Robbery with Use of Force Crime against an Elderly or Disabled Person, and Retail Theft – Intentionally Conceal (<=$500) after she robbed a woman in her 90’s on Wednesday August 23rd. Her bail has been set at $10,000 cash after appearing in court on Thursday

According to the criminal complaint on On 8/23/17, officers were dispatched to 4011 Durand Avenue (Piggly Wiggly,), reference a purse snatching that had just occurred. Upon arrival, Officers spoke to the manager of the store, who stated that a female, identified as LACY LANCILOTI, had entered the bathroom with a bottle of wine from the store and then left the store without paying for it. Then, out in the parking lot, she had taken a purse from a 90 year old woman.

When Officers arrived LACY was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot of Piggly Wiggly, Officers spoke with the victim who stated that she was in the parking lot loading her groceries in her vehicle when she was approached by LACY who asked if she needed help. The victim said that she did not need help and needed the exercise and told LACY that. The suspect then hugged the victim and when the victim pulled away the grabbed the purse off her arm and took off running. The victim, “Hey, Stop!” and began chasing after LACY.

The criminal complaint states that Officers spoke with with a witness who said she had just pulled up in the parking lot with her family and saw LACY grab the purse off of the victims and start running. The witness stated that she got out of the vehicle and ran after LACY. LACY got into her vehicle and the witness held LACY’s car door open and said LACY could not leave until she gave the victim her purse back.

Additional good samaritans came over to the vehicle then opened the passenger door of LACY’S vehicle and took the keys from the ignition so she could not drive off until police arrived. The victim did get her purse back and all the contents due to the citizens who stopped LACY from leaving.

After LACY was taken into custody, officers located two credit cards in LACY’s purse that did not have LACY’s name on them. Officers were unable to locate those persons at the time of this complaint.